Wolff Olins + Print All Over Me’s #bandtogether Bandanas

A charitable initiative powered by superb art and using creativity for good

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It’s been exactly one year since the shift in administration and if one good thing can be said of the erratic days, it’s that there has been an outpouring of empathy, charity and protest from many. Aware that the organizations at the forefront defending freedom and equality need constant funding, global creative agency Wolff Olins brought the work from 10 artists (one from within their ranks) to Print All Over Me (POAM) and the #bandtogether bandanas were born. It’s a partnership demonstrating the power from creativity dedicated to charity—and bandanas make for an appropriate, wearable and sharable medium.

“Our hope is that #bandtogether demonstrates how everyone can come together and do their part to make an impact,” Crissy Fetcher, Senior Designer at Wolff Olins and project lead tells us. Among the others contributing visuals, illustrator and CH favorite Paul Tuller takes part, with proceeds from his benefitting the Trevor Project. Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, NAACP, Environmental Defense Fund, National Organization for Women and more all stand to benefit from sales.

All 10 #bandtogether bandanas can be purchased online, for $35 each. Wolff Olins and PAOM will be contributing 100% of proceeds to the charities involved.

Images courtesy of Wolff Olins by Party of One