Merch With 100% of Proceeds Donated to Organizations + Bail Funds

Help significant causes with your clothing purchases

Brands across various industries are stepping up to donate funds right now—some offering impressive amounts, some not so much. The brands that make the T-shirts selected here are promising to send 100% of the proceeds to various bail funds, community programs and legal aid services across the country. Of course, we urge readers to contact their representatives, protest and vote if you can. And for those with a little spare cash at the moment, we strongly suggest you to donate to organizations of your choice, but these products also offer a way to wear your heart on your sleeve.


Adorned with a graphic originally designed in 2015, Babylon LA’s “RIGHTS TEE” ($46) details verbatim the correct legal response to a police officer’s efforts to unlawfully detain you. The shop represents Southern California’s punk and skate scenes, but their efforts extend to social and political issues. As such, all proceeds from this shirt will be donated to The Bail Project.

AB Media Group + SHFT World

A collaboration between AB Media Group and SHFT World, the This Black Life Matters T-shirt ($14) features a mesmerizing design—of the title slogan repeated over and over until distortion takes over—that’s printed directly-to-garment, on-demand. Underneath, text reads, “This shirt supports the fight against racism and inequality.” It does so through more than words, as 100% of the proceeds get divided between the Official George Floyd Memorial Fund and the Black Visions Collective. It’s available for infants, toddlers, kids and adults.

One of These Days Co

From artist Matt McCormick’s merch line One of These Days Co comes a long-sleeve shirt ($120) in support of Black Lives Matter and a long list of other organizations. Printed on the front of the taupe-colored top reads “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable,” a quote attributed to the late President John F Kennedy in 1962. All proceeds from its sale will be split evenly between Black Lives Matter, National Bail Out, Know Your Rights Camp, Black Voters Matter Fund, Black Youth Project 100, NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, The National Police Accountability Project, Color of Change, Education Fund, Unicorn Riot, Campaign Zero, Advancement Project, and The Marshall Project. Because this is a pre-order, the shirt will ship approximately two weeks after purchase.

Checks n Balances

Founded just days ago (on 2 June) by a group of Black and POC 2020 high school graduates, Checks n Balances spotlights injustices through merchandise—with the group’s Peace + Equality T-shirt ($25) epitomizing that. Backed by the graphic of a burning building, the peace sign and the word equality overlay the final phrase, “by any means necessary.” Plus, 100% of the profits from sales will be split between Black Lives Matter and National Bail Out.

Advisory Board Crystals

Advisory Board Crystals will donate all profits from the sales of this shirt ($58)—the front emblazoned with the words “such a pretty planet, such an ugly world”—to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund. They have two other colorways on offer, each sending funds to different organizations.


From rapper Freddie Gibbs, this T-shirt ($20) stating “My Execution Might Be Televised” acts as a stark reminder of the reality that Black Americans face. The poignant statement is a lyric from Gibbs’ song “Scottie Beam.” 100% of the profits made from this shirt’s sale will be split evenly between the families of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.


Made in collaboration with Homebody, A99, DPI, H33M, Intrepid, LBS, BadNews, Hellbound, Khari, 1992 and, as felt says, “everyone against the system,” this shirt ($20) makes its message quite direct. From the chest design stating “Give fascism the boot” to the back copy, there’s no mistake. All proceeds from sales of the shirt will be sent to National Bail Out.

Dynami + Glass Ceilings

A collaboration between Dynami and Glass Ceilings, this “Enough is Enough” shirt ($55) features the very straightforward words “we will get our peace, ya dig.” All proceeds will be passed on to The Minnesota Freedom Fund. Available from small to XXXL, its made for everybody—just as the message is.

Jesus Piece

Hardcore band Jesus Piece has released a T-shirt ($20) depicting the black fist afro comb, a symbol that dates back to the 1970s. On the back, the shirt states “you can jail the revolutionary / you can’t jail the revolution.” All of proceeds will be donated to Reclaim The Block.


Emblazoned with “PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE” over a portrait of Donald Trump, this shirt ($45) from Menace makes its message clear. All proceeds from this T-shirt will go the ACLU, a national nonpartisan organization that works tirelessly across various issues including criminal law reform, prisoners’ rights, and free speech, mostly through litigation and advocacy. They also have a Racism is the Virus shirt which sends proceeds to Black Lives Matter, and a “No Justice, No Peace” shirt that donates to Colin Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights Camp.

Mota New York

Made directly in response to George Floyd’s murder, Mota’s shirt ($40) simply states “DON’T TRUST YOUR GOVERNMENT” on the front and “In memory and support of George Floyd” on the back. All proceeds will be donated to the late George Floyd’s estate, in hopes of ensuring lasting safety and financial support.

Online Ceramics

Cult favorite Online Ceramics will donate all proceeds from sales of this bold T-shirt ($55) to various organizations “in solidarity with black lives,” including the NAACP, Black Lives Matter, Movement for Black Lives, and National Bail Out.

Diet Starts Monday

With a concentric-circle design of the words “Stop Killing Black People,” this shirt from Diet Starts Monday ($40) effectively depicts the need to repeat the message, over and over. All proceeds from sales will be donated to three organizations: National Bail Out, Change of Color, and Reclaim The Block. They have several other designs available too.

Aryanna Tischler

Women in the People’s Paper Co-Op Women in Reentry Advocacy Fellowship shared their photos and poems with artist Aryanna Tischler who based her design for the shirt ($75) on them. It is sold by and supports the Philadelphia Community Bail Fund. Be sure to specify which size you want (from small to XXXL) when ordering.

PTM Foundation

From the PTM Foundation (started by the members of Portugal, The Man), this T-shirt makes a simple and fair statement: “racism is for choads.” Available in black or white, the shirt ($25) comes in sizes small to XXXL and all proceeds will be used to bail out protesters.


Made from cotton jersey and printed in Los Angeles, this Black is not a Crime T-shirt ($40) depicts an image of a Black person in police cuffs. In addition to visually representing a message that’s fundamental to the battle against mass incarceration, 100% of the proceeds from the shirt go to The Equal Justice Initiative, a non-profit that aims to challenge racial and economic injustice.

No Sleep Records

This We Stand With You T-shirt ($20) from No Sleep Records reads loud and clear: “No Racism,” it states on the front and “We Stand With You / There Is No Place For Racism / Justice For Lives Lost” on the back. 100% of the proceeds from the black and white shirt get divided between the official George Floyd GoFundMe, Black Visions Collective, Reclaim the Block, the Bail Project, and Facing History.


With a graphic designed by Crocodile Jackson on a soft, tri-blend fabric, this unisex Quit Your Day Job Shirt ($28) speaks out against police violence. 100% of the proceeds will be split between Black Lives Matter, the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and National Bail Out.

Black Lives Matter

The official Black Lives Matter shirt ($20) from the organization itself features their signature black-and-white graphic. Sustainably made in the US, it’s designed for all genders. Before purchasing it’s important to read their notes on availability. As expected, all proceeds go toward the movement.


Images courtesy of respective brands, hero image courtesy of AB Media Group and SHFT World