Interview: Taka Kasuga of Arc’teryx Veilance

We discuss form, function and staying relevant in a crowded market

Working with Arc’teryx brand Veilance for three years, Taka Kasuga is the Design Director in charge of both maintaining and evolving their apparel. While countless brands are working in the realm of tech-meets-style now, Veilance has been in the game since 2009 (not to mention Arc’teryx was founded in the early 1990s). Known for being technically-driven yet luxurious, Veilance’s sleek and sophisticated silhouettes make their …

Head-to-Toe Hemp

From caps to yoga shorts and climbing shoes, clothing made with the dynamic fabric

Far from new-age, hemp was grown by colonial American farmers—in fact, the first American flag sewn by Betsy Ross was made from it. As a fabric, hemp outperforms cotton in strength and durability. Naturally resistant to mold and ultraviolet light, when softened the fabric can feel softer than fleece. As a crop, hemp requires no pesticides, GMO seeds or synthetic fertilizers—it actually scrubs carbon dioxide …

JYUNI White Collection

ASICS takes a meditative look at the future with their new capsule collection

Japanese brand