P.E Nation’s Retro-Inspired Activewear

Workout gear that's made to be worn inside and outside the gym

In a saturated market of activewear—or athleisure—Australia’s P.E Nation (officially launching today in the US) had a mean feat ahead of them: to actually stand out. With their bright colors, retro vibes and some non-traditional fabrics and cuts, the super-comfy apparel doesn’t blend into the existing sea of tights and tanks. Founded by fashion industry veterans Pip Edwards (formerly sass & bide) and Claire Tregoning (formerly Topshop), P.E Nation offers everything from paneled tights and leggings to lightweight shorts, sports bras, spray jackets and sweaters. No matter the climate or weather, there’s something in this bold collection for jumping on an elliptical, heading to a boxing class or going for a run.

The brand has a leaning toward bold oranges, reds and blues, and Edwards tells us much of their inspiration for this new collection has been “1980s and ’90s street, TLC, the London chav/lad, as well as menswear.” The spray jackets and hoodies certainly have a retro-tinge, with their boxy silhouettes and they’re super-lightweight, making them perfect for all kinds of weather. Our favorite pieces are those that include unexpected fabrics—particularly the longline crop that utilizes crochet alongside spandex. Interestingly, the ventilation offered by the crochet works well, despite it feeling like a thick, heavy fabric for a workout. Other standouts are the several high-waisted and paneled leggings, which are super-stretchy but also thick enough to feel confidently secure. There’s no fear of showing the world your underwear when you downward dog.

With the brand launching officially in the US today, Edwards and Tregoning’s mission is simple, but not easy; they want their customers to “feel confident and to have fun whilst knowing they’re not just wearing activewear—they’re also wearing streetwear.” P.E Nation apparel is available at their online store and various other stockists now.

Images by Cool Hunting