Converse Essentials Collection

Launching the new range for all genders, along with a collaboration with Fragment founder Hiroshi Fujiwara

Diverging from the tech-heavy, ’90s-influenced activewear and athleisure gear that’s still saturating the industry, Converse announced its Essentials collection today. Comprised of super-simple, 100% cotton pieces, the range does have a retro tinge—but rather than nodding to a flashy era, it conjures a ’60s collegiate vibe. Almost like the Chuck Taylor All Star of apparel, the collection includes mainstays like sweat pants, hoodies, crewnecks and T-shirts. To celebrate the debut collection, Converse also collaborated with Fragment founder Hiroshi Fujiwara on a three-piece range that includes pants, a T-shirt and a crewneck sweater.

Not only do these pieces look like classic gym gear, but they’ve also been made to age like it. Each product in the range is already comfy, but it’s also been crafted to get even softer with wear—so you’ll likely have an entire outfit that feels like your oldest, coziest T-shirt. The colorways are also classic and unisex—heather gray, red, egret and black—making the entire range wearable for all genders.

Announced today, the limited edition Converse Essentials + Fragment collection will be available Wednesday, 28 September; the Fall 2016 Converse Essentials collection will be available Thursday, 29 September, at Converse brick-and-mortar stores and online.

Images courtesy of Converse