Pretty Sick: Black Tar

Last month, NYC-based outfit Pretty Sick released “Human Condition,” a frenetic, grungy single from their upcoming debut album, Makes Me Sick Makes Me Smile (out 30 September). Today, the indie-rock band shares a mellower side with the LP’s second single, “Black Tar.” Creeping forward on ’90s-leaning guitar riffs and dark lyrics about a toxic relationship, the track is a soft yet haunting listen.

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Watkins Family Hour feat. Fiona Apple: (Remember Me) I’m The One Who Loves You For their charming cover of a Texas swing classic, “(Remember Me) I’m The One Who Loves You,” Sara and Sean Watkins are joined by longtime friend and acclaimed recording artist Fiona Apple. The duo record under the moniker Watkins Family Hour, which is the name of their community-minded performance series at …

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Shelley: Cooking With Grease Through the single “Cooking With Grease,” Shelley (fka DRAM) debuts a new name and a revamped sound. On lesser-known releases under his former moniker, Shelley (full name Shelley Massenburg-Smith) flexed his vocal prowess, but these performances were somewhat overshadowed by his rapping on hits like “Cha Cha,” “Broccoli” and “Cash Machine.” Now, with renewed direction and a refined sonic focus, Shelley …