Eartheater: Volcano

Avant-pop artist Eartheater (aka Alexandra Drewchin) recently announced her upcoming album Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin, and from it releases the gorgeous, powerful “Volcano.” Beginning with acoustic guitar and piano, soon skittish percussion and stunning harmonies lead the song into an indefinable realm. The album (out 2 October) is composed, produced and arranged solely by Eartheater who drew inspiration from “geological imagery, whose …

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From Afropop to avant-pop and a "Thong Song" cover, our favorite new songs this week

Amber Mark: Thong Song (Sisqó Cover) Sisqó’s 1999 campy hit “Thong Song” may be oft-disparaged, but it remains a masterstroke written by the then-19-year-old. NYC-based singer, songwriter and producer Amber Mark has just covered the track—and with relish. Mark (whose style pulls elements from countless genres, including R&B, dance, pop, bossa nova and beyond) says, “Yes, lol I covered ‘Thong Song.’ I HAD TO DO …

Sevdaliza: Habibi

With tinkling piano and delicate, digitized vocals, Sevdaliza’s stunning “Habibi” comes accompanied by a cinematic video by the artist (born Sevda Alizadeh) and Russian filmmaker Anastasia Konovalova. The dark and brooding song appears on Shabrang, the Iranian-Dutch singer-songwriter’s second full-length album—which she has described as a “journey of self-discovery, self-love and finding peace amongst all of the chaos in the world.”