Colombian Canadian artist Tei Shi announces her upcoming EP Bad Premonition (out 17 March), sharing the track “¿QUIÉN TE MANDA?” Co-produced by Chairlift’s Patrick Wimberly and Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s Jake Portrait, the lush bilingual song synthesizes the digital and retro, merging swelling synths, rhythmic hand-clapping and floaty vocal runs. As with the EP as a whole, it details the singer-songwriter’s frustration with the music industry and loss of creative freedom. “The saying ‘Quién te manda’ is difficult to translate into English. It means ‘who sent you,’ but in sentiment, it means something like a combination of ‘who told you to do that’ and ‘told you so,'” says the artist. “It’s a way of telling someone they messed up, and the blame is on them. I’ve always loved this phrase, and with this song, it took on an empowered meaning for me—in telling off someone who wronged me. At the same time, there’s a question of ‘quién te manda’ to myself… of realizing my own role in being manipulated.”