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Liberating R&B, beautiful birdsong, house-inflected bops and more new music

Chrissi: Lipo

English singer-songwriter Chrissi released her debut EP, Back in The Day, last year and now shares “Lipo,” an ode to self-assurance, body positivity and ditching toxic men. On the laidback R&B track, she sardonically ponders changing one’s appearance to fit in with myopic, narrow beauty standards. The artist says in a statement, “I wrote ‘Lipo’ because I was upset with a guy who’s sexualized me and then decided he couldn’t be with me because he didn’t want his friends to know what he’s into. Everyone has to kiss a few frogs I suppose. Made a banger out of it though!”

Allison Russell feat. Brandi Carlile: You’re Not Alone

Acclaimed singer-songwriter and activist Allison Russell enlisted Brandi Carlile for the empowering duet “You’re Not Alone.” Russell wrote and produced the dual-language country-folk track, which includes stirring string contributions from Sista Strings (aka Monique Ross, Chauntee Ross and Larissa Maestro). “Every child deserves to be loved and protected. Our families with LGBTQIA+ parents are just as precious. No one should be forced into the sacred role of parenthood against their will. Human Rights are worth fighting for,” Russell says in a statement. Aligning with those values, all Bandcamp proceeds from the track will go toward The Looking Out FoundationEverytown Support Fund and Fight For Reproductive Rights Campaign.

serpentwithfeet: I’m Pressed

Just a few days ago, serpentwithfeet (aka Josiah Wise) released a song made with Moby; today, he shares “I’m Pressed,” a house-inflected track carried by the experimental artist’s undulating vocals. The energetic beat is balanced by Wise’s smooth, haunting voice—altogether creating a mellifluous piece.

Pretty Sick: Black Tar

Last month, NYC-based outfit Pretty Sick released “Human Condition,” a frenetic, grungy single from their upcoming debut album, Makes Me Sick Makes Me Smile (out 30 September). Today, the indie-rock band shares a mellower side with the LP’s second single, “Black Tar.” Creeping forward on ’90s-leaning guitar riffs and dark lyrics about a toxic relationship, the track is a soft yet haunting listen.

Mary Lattimore: Your Birthday At The Huntington

Composed for The Birdsong Project, an extensive musical endeavor helmed by producer Randall Poster that calls attention to the value of, and issues threatening, birds, “Your Birthday At The Huntington” finds acclaimed harpist Mary Lattimore channeling inspiration from the warbles of birds she overheard in LA’s Huntington Library and Gardens. For the accompanying music video, which was overseen by executive producer Rebecca Reagan, director Leila Jeffries filmed several species with a high-speed camera. She soundtracks their interactions with Lattimore’s exquisite instrumentals.

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