Bristol Studio’s Sophisticated Combination of Basketball, Japanese Design and Nostalgia

We speak with co-founders Luke Tadashi and MAASAI Ephriam about childhood memories, style and meditation

Founded by Luke Tadashi, with MAASAI Ephriam, Jake Fenster and Rashaad Dixon, LA-based studio and lifestyle brand Bristol Studio appeared on the scene in 2015 and hasn’t showed signs of slowing. Inspired by basketball but imbued with Japanese design and drenched in nostalgia, Bristol Studio garments are conceptual but practical, contemporary but classic. There’s a certain charm and authenticity to each design, as they are …

Bloom Basketball

Chance’s Bloom Basketball—a vibrant lilac, covered in large multicolored flowers—recalls the blossoming of spring and the beauty of growth over perfection. While eye-catching, it’s more than a positive prompt and is made from premium rubber material intended for indoor or outdoor use. Its pebble pattern offers stronger grip control and a Butyl bladder locks in air, ensuring optimal ball pressure and consistent bounce.

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

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Solange’s New Library for Rare Books on Black Art + Expression Founded by Solange’s creative agency, Saint Heron, and curated by Rosa Duffy, the Saint Heron Community Library highlights over 50 rare, author-inscribed and out-of-print books by pioneering Black artists and thinkers. The online archive—whose first season runs from 18-29 October—focuses on fostering knowledge, discussion and skill within the community. “These works expand imaginations, and …