Yinka Ilori’s 3D-Printed, Candy-Colored Basketball Court

British-Nigerian artist and designer Yinka Ilori has created a public, half-sized basketball court intended to inspire optimism in London’s Canary Wharf. The court—designed for three-on-three games—eschews traditional materials in favor of 3D-printed polypropylene tiles called Traction² made by Hampshire’s OnCourt. The first public basketball court in the neighborhood, it boasts one hoop, a plethora of colors and patterns, and the slogan “Be the best you can be.” Ilori tells Jennifer Hahn at Dezeen, “I didn’t want people to put too much pressure on themselves and instead just celebrate being alive and being around family and friends because not everyone made it through the year. It was about trying to inject this sense of hope and positivity into the space. All you can do is give your best—I think that applies to everything that we do in our lives.” Read and see more at Dezeen.

Image courtesy of Matt Alexander and Sean Pollock