Holiday Gift Guides 2022: Home Bodies

From meditation mats to pajamas, pillows, serums and candles, presents for staying indoors

Home should be a sanctuary and an escape. For some people, the comfort and bliss of being at home is thanks to those that they inhabit the space with–but it can also come from treating ourselves. Everybody’s version of tranquility is different, and what we do to achieve it comes down to taste and budget. For some, it’s a lavish throw blanket to cocoon in …

Plui Rain Cloud

Design-driven toy brand MOLUK turns a basic principle of physics into a sensorial pastime with their Plui Rain Cloud. Simply fill the cloud with water and squeeze to make it rain or cover the top gap with a finger to make it stop—a straightforward yet surprising toy that allows kids to control the weather.

Gift Guide: Winter Nesting

Embrace the colder months with these products for relaxation and escape

When the weather dissuades you from leaving the house, it’s important not to stare at a screen or spiral into a seasonal slump. Staying home needn’t be defeatist, and could be replenishing. The following products encourage nesting and all the comforts and pleasure that can come from it. Rather than feel glum or dejected, embrace the colder months and take some well-deserved time for relaxation …