Gift Guide: Winter Nesting

Embrace the colder months with these products for relaxation and escape

When the weather dissuades you from leaving the house, it’s important not to stare at a screen or spiral into a seasonal slump. Staying home needn’t be defeatist, and could be replenishing. The following products encourage nesting and all the comforts and pleasure that can come from it. Rather than feel glum or dejected, embrace the colder months and take some well-deserved time for relaxation …

Bush Bath

Jamaican botanicals and flowers—including lemongrass, Jack in the Bush (Chromolaena odorata), and more—combine in Balmyard Beauty’s lovely Bush Bath. Detoxing and excellent for calming inflammation, these bath sachets work somewhat like teabags—simply add them to your bath, and the longer you leave them, the more potent the benefits.

Waffle Robe

Less formal, lighter and cooler (temperature-wise) than “hotel style” plush robes, this 100% Turkish cotton robe dries the body beautifully. Thanks to its woven waffle texture, it also feels like being wrapped up in a cloud. Parachute understands how hard it is to keep things white—especially if you’re a coffee drinker—and offers two different non-white colorways: tan or grey.