Piaule’s Perfect Towel

The new design-centric homeware brand launches one useful product at a time

We’ve seen a rising interest in thoughtful homeware shopping—beyond bookshelf tchotchkes—from the recently-launched e-commerce site Snowe (offering luxury home essentials at direct-to-consumer prices) to Notting Hill shop Native & Co (sourcing crafted, contemporary wares from Taiwan and Japan). A new brand, Piaule, joins the foray with a specific goal: releasing home products one at a time—meaning each has to stand out in form and function. They debut with a wondrously thin, lightweight yet absorbent 100% Japanese-milled cotton towel that puts whatever’s currently have in your bathroom to shame. Weighing half a pound, the quick-drying towel performs at home and on trips. Piaule tells us that’s it for the bath towel category; additional colors or styles aren’t necessary, save for matching hand towels down the road. We’re supportive of this less is more approach; Marie Kondo would approve.

This “perfect towel” can be purchased at Piaule online, where it costs $55. Keep an eye on Piaule’s Instagram for regular doses of inspiring architecture, until they announce their next release, which will be tableware.

Images courtesy of Laurence Ellis and Piaule