Electric Bear Brewery’s SamuRye Rice + Rye Ale

A light, experimental beer made for summer (and sushi)

There was no shortage of new beers at London’s recent Craft Beer Rising festival, held at the Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch. But while there were plenty of tasty pale ales, lagers and other traditional beers, few of the libations felt truly innovative. That is, until coming across Bath-based Electric Bear Brewing Co’s latest concoction: the SamuRye, a fresh, light straw-colored 5.6% ale made with rice and crystal rye malt. It’s the second in EBB’s “World Series” range of experimental beers inspired by countries, cultures and drinks around the world (the first in the series was the seriously strong, yet very drinkable, 9.1% Heisenberg’s Double Decoction Doppelbock).

Made using the standard infusion mash technique, but with an added secret technique that ensures the rice doesn’t cause a stuck-mash, SamuRye has a citrus-y taste, and an aroma of peach and tropical fruits. Inspired by the recipe for sake, it’s infused with green tea and lotus flower, creating its unique, delicate flavor. Electric Bear Brewery tells us it goes “spectacularly well” with sushi and Thai food. (At Craft Beer Rising, as a customer took his first sip, he turned to his friend and said, “It tastes like a Thai green curry.”) Though it won’t replace your favorite Asian food, the SamuRye will most likely complement it very well—and on its own it’s a bright, easy drinking, fruity ale, perfect for long spring and summer afternoons. See it stocked in London soon, or take a trip to their taproom in Bath.

Images by Cajsa Carlson