Maria Korkeila Tool Belt

Maria Korkeila is a Finnish designer who crafts titillating and cheeky apparel. Partnering with Fiskars, a heritage Finnish gardenwear brand, Korekeila created a limited collection that blends gardening and streetwear and includes this tool belt. The utilitarian accessory features tear- and abrasion-resistant pockets, detachable pouches and an adjustable belt. It’s highly durable, made of nylon and sustainable apple-based leather.

André Saraiva Belt

From the green Italian webbing interwoven with flex, to the drum-dyed nappa leather trim and leather-wrapped buckle, every component of artist André Saraiva’s collaborative range with Beltology represents the most premium choice in its category. It’s the vibrant colorways and the foil stamp of Saraiva’s illustrated character Mr. A, that elevate the accessory to something beyond expectation. Saraiva took inspiration from a belt he purchased …

CH Omakase 2016: Editions de Re Belt

Getting hands-on with one of our favorite design collaborators

Rarely does one see a common, everyday item—like a belt buckle—transformed functionally by way of a change to its geometries. That was certainly some of the allure pertaining to the work of Editions de Re, a design collective founded by Jim Hinz and Todd Vladyka. Their minimalist metalwork maximizes the visual impact of each source material, making simple shapes shine brightly. In the case of …