Maximum Henry Guitar Straps

Striking musician accessories made entirely by hand


As of today, Brooklyn-based leather house Maximum Henry now offers beautifully crafted, custom guitar straps. Made by hand in the Williamsburg studio of brand founder Max Cohen, each strap is composed of heavy duty leather that Cohen has cut, dyed and polished himself. A movable shoulder strap seamlessly blends Belgian leather with a Spanish leather backing, delicately and precisely bonded—designed to age with grace and personality.


The guitar straps began as gifts for friends—specifically the white hot band Skaters, who coincidentally just released their latest album, “Manhattan,” today via Warner Bros. Records. Cohen began by making custom belts for the band members to wear, which were featured during music video shoots. Guitar straps were a natural extension. “I wanted to make something for them that they wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere, something that I couldn’t find—something custom,” Cohen explains to CH.


Cohen, himself, is a one-man show. No product leaves his studio without the touch of his hand. In addition to guitar straps and belts, he also crafts wallets and will soon offer a card holder as well. He also has a few metal accessories, from a bracelet to a key chain (which also features his leatherwork). They’re the product of a young craftsman who understands the value in doing it himself. And to sweeten it all, the prices are quite reasonable.

The straps are available in three size and, at present, two colorways, with more on the way. Your can purchase Maximum Henry’s guitar straps online for $120, as well as all his complete range of offerings. You can also purchase selects from his belt line at Steven Alan for around $65.

Product shots courtesy of Oscar Zabala, studio photo by David Graver.