CH Omakase 2016: Editions de Re Belt

Getting hands-on with one of our favorite design collaborators

Rarely does one see a common, everyday item—like a belt buckle—transformed functionally by way of a change to its geometries. That was certainly some of the allure pertaining to the work of Editions de Re, a design collective founded by Jim Hinz and Todd Vladyka. Their minimalist metalwork maximizes the visual impact of each source material, making simple shapes shine brightly. In the case of the belt buckle, the structure is so curious upon initial inspection one may ask, “How does this work?” It is, in fact, very easy, as adjusting from one hole to the next is a fluid motion.

It was our love of the brand’s work with precious metals (namely gold and platinum) that further captured our attention, but for CH Omakase 2016 we wanted something different: a relevant, dynamic metal that one wouldn’t be afraid to wear every day. After the team proposed brass, we began seeking out the perfect partner color for the belt. Ultimately, a warm tan made the most sense; complementing the the brass and making an accessory that matches just about everything.

Our brass and tan colorway was an exclusive part of CH Omakase 2016, but Editions de Re has plenty more handcrafted accessories for sale online, including belt buckles, rings and cufflinks. For early access to products and exclusive collaborations next year, reserve your CH Omakase box now.

Images by Cool Hunting