Muston & Co. Italian Fabric Belts

Vibrant colors lend more than a touch of personality to these handmade accessories


It often seems like there is little room for men to reflect their personality in dress attire. Dress shirts stay primarily the same. Suits vary by cut and color, but straying too far from the norm can timestamp an outfit in a way that may lead to future regrets. Thus, accessories become an ever-important way to impact a look. Pocket squares can be delightful. Ties are the most common form of personal punctuation, but belts have remained relatively unchanged. Muston & Co. plans to change that. In fact, they’re infusing personal observations of growth and change in the tie category into the world of belts. Their range of O-ring belts employs diverse Italian fabrics, from silk foulards and silk paisleys to wool glen plaids, all at a reasonable price. Each belt is designed in Downtown Los Angeles and handmade in New York City, by two brothers living between the two cities.


Co-founder Lee Muston shares, “We get the fabrics from various importers and factories in New York City, with the fabric origins all from Italy.” Muston & Co. employs an array of fabrics, made in smaller numbers, from high-level fabric houses—thus, every belt they make is in a limited run. “We really want to establish ourselves as an arbiter of bringing color and pattern—everything you see in a tie fabric—to the belt,” he continues. The top quality attention to detail and rare fabrics lend a dressier edge, but the belts are dynamic enough to go along with any outfit. They’re a great way to introduce color to the wardrobe, with comfort and reliability.

Purchase Muston & Co. belts online, with prices starting at $39.

Images courtesy of Muston & Co.