An Oral History of Native Instruments

CEO Daniel Haver covers milestones and hilarious anecdotes from the music brand's 20-year existence

“Hey, there’s these two freaks in Berlin. They started this thing. They call it Native Instruments.”

An Elevator That Goes Every Which Way

ThyssenKrupp’s Multi won’t be your average elevator beholden to a life of ups and downs. To debut soon in a Berlin residential tower, the Multi forgoes cables for strong magnetic levitation (the same technology found in high-speed trains). This means that the elevator cars will float along hoistway guide rails in all directions—even diagonally. They aren’t going to be super-fast—moving (at a reliable 1,000 to …

Abyssnia by Gabriella Marina Gonzalez

Functional PVC and leather accessories tapping the energy of Berlin

Chokers have been revived, exhausted, and are on their way out, but the vehemently functional work of Gabriella Marina Gonzalez exists far from what’s in vogue, or traditional fashion seasons for that matter. The Miami native’s Abyssnia accessories collection channels her newfound home, Berlin, and its inescapable club scene. In her previous collection “Alcyone,” Gonzalez seems to defy the laws of physics by molding rigid …