Say Yes Dog’s End of Summer Playlist for COOL HUNTING

A collection of songs with a lazy summer vibe from the Berlin-based trio

Made to mourn the end of summer and celebrate their European tour, Berlin-based band Say Yes Dog (aka Aaron Ahrends, Pascal Karier, Paul Rundel) has crafted a playlist for COOL HUNTING readers. The trio put together the list of songs while driving from city to city between shows. Rundel tells us, “There’s probably more than one mood that runs through our little selection. There are …

An Oral History of Native Instruments

CEO Daniel Haver covers milestones and hilarious anecdotes from the music brand's 20-year existence

“Hey, there’s these two freaks in Berlin. They started this thing. They call it Native Instruments.”

An Elevator That Goes Every Which Way

ThyssenKrupp’s Multi won’t be your average elevator beholden to a life of ups and downs. To debut soon in a Berlin residential tower, the Multi forgoes cables for strong magnetic levitation (the same technology found in high-speed trains). This means that the elevator cars will float along hoistway guide rails in all directions—even diagonally. They aren’t going to be super-fast—moving (at a reliable 1,000 to …