Sparkling Social Tonic Variety Pack

After family members were hospitalized for alcoholism, Evan Quinn and George Youmans founded Hiyo, a healthy alcohol alternative. Hiyo’s sparkling tonics provide delectable flavors and mood-boosting, organic adaptogens, all grounded by light carbonation. Throughout their variations (which include peach mango, watermelon lime and blackberry lemon), these refreshing beverages feature a slew of beneficial botanicals, like ashwagandha to regulate cortisol levels and relieve stress, lion’s mane …

Lavender Water 12-Pack

Osun’s sugar- and gluten-free beverages can be sipped alone or added to spirits as a mixer. Beginning with spring water that’s been filtered through positively charged crystals, each drink is then infused and lightly carbonated. Various flavors are available, but the lavender promises to help relieve anxiety and stress as well reduce inflammation. Price is in AUD for a pack of 12 bottles.

Entrepreneur + Restaurant Owner Emshika Alberini Reimagines Thai Iced Tea

New dairy-free drinks from 100% all-natural ingredients

Based in Littleton, New Hampshire, where she’s owned the beloved Chang Thai Cafe since 2008, entrepreneur Emshika Alberini looked to her family’s food history to inspire By Emshika, her new range of canned beverages that includes an oat milk Thai tea latte (the most similar in taste to Thai iced tea from a restaurant), a nitro Thai iced tea, a nitro Thai iced coffee and an oat milk …