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The World’s First Ceramic Mug With Temperature Control, From Ember

An easy-to-use app moderates the heat of the liquid within

Employing the same technology as their wildly successful Travel Mug, Ember‘s new Ceramic Mug impresses with its sheer simplicity. While it feels like an everyday ceramic mug, it allows users to moderate the temperature of the beverage within. There’s an on/off switch but you can leave it on because its intelligent sleep mode simply wakes the mug up when there’s liquid inside. The app then allows users to set and maintain a temperature, which in turn guarantees and sustains flavors—and the pleasure of the beverage. Its charging station doubles as a saucer and the app also lets you personalize the color of the mug’s power light so you can easily identify which one’s yours.

From multiple temperature sensors to microprocessor-controlled dual-band heating system, technology and design go hand-in-hand. Inside the reinforced ceramic coating, the mug’s core has been produced from stainless steel. It was all the vision of industrial designer Robert Brunner from Ammunition Group, who worked with Ember founder and CEO Clay Alexander whose passion for this technology brought Ember to life. That said, it’s a product that everyone can envision as useful, having picked up a coffee of lukewarm coffee and taken a sip, or even room temperature tea or thick, cold hot chocolate.

You can purchase an Ember Ceramic Mug online for $80.

Images courtesy of Ember


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