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Keepers Unveils New Can Design

The Brooklyn-based soda maker moves to a simpler look

Brooklyn-based citrus coffee soda brand, Keepers has unveiled a pair of new cans designed in-house by Sam Zhou. The cans—an aesthetic upgrade from the packaging they’ve donned since launching in 2016—are minimalist and adorned with information about the coffee inside, from region to altitude, variety, farm and tasting notes.

The redesign is simple, with regard to its look and its goal: the product has always been made with the best ingredients and Keepers wanted a can to match that quality. Founder Thi Lam was worried that the old can felt too playful—and that a $4 drink needed a can that could be taken seriously.

The can also imitates the simplicity of their process and the ingredients inside; Keepers adds their blend of citrus juices (tangerine, lemon, lime) into freshly roasted single-origin Ethiopian coffee beans, brews that mixtures, and then, once the mixture cools, carbonates it. The result is a sparkling coffee beverage—with obvious notes of citrus and rich, roasted coffee—that exists somewhere between cold brew and LaCroix, and with half the sugar of standard sodas.

Order the new cans of Keepers Citrus on their website. In the coming months, Keepers will officially launch Keepers Black, a citrus-free iteration of the drink.

Images by Evan Malachosky 

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