Swimwear + Alcohol-Free Drinks

Matching beachwear with booze-free beverages for summer

A cocktail by the pool might be a classic combination, but that doesn’t mean alcohol needs to be involved. There’s a plethora of premium booze-free beverages out there—and the list keeps growing. From beer to botanical-filled sodas, spirits crafted with adaptogens and more, drinks without alcohol have never been so adventurous. Here we have matched some of our favorite swimwear with alcohol-free tipples so you …

Smokey Non-Alcoholic Spirit

Beverage brand Optimist Botanicals specializes in distilled, non-alcoholic spirits. Their Smokey iteration—available now in 500ml bottles—employs clove, ginger, sage, bergamot, cinnamon leaf, habanero and angelica root to replicate the experience of sipping an ultra-smooth, subtle mezcal. A suggested serving entails mixing one part Smokey and two parts sparkling (tonic or club). We found, though, that mixing equal parts proves even more pleasant on the palate.

Golden Pineapple Organic Synergy Kombucha

GT’s Living Foods has always been one of our favorite kombucha makers. Their new Golden Pineapple flavor tastes like a burst of summer in a bottle: fresh, bright, energetic and pineapple-y with a touch of sage and lemon. Order a case of 12 from GT’s for $40 or visit Mercato.com for delivery options near you.