Keep wine consistently chilled for up to an hour with this non-toxic thermo gel corker


Few products are entirely explained in their name like Corkcicle, a wine chiller that replaces the bottle’s cork, resulting in consistently chilled white wine (or room temperature red wine) for up to an hour. A non-toxic cooling gel (surrounded by a BPA-free plastic casing) inside Corkcicle maintains an even temperature from freezing to thaw, which means that even in hot weather, the temperature of your wine will not fluctuate—so the subtleties in the palate aren’t masked. While perfect for the home, the Corkcicle is most useful for picnics and hikes, when a chilled bottle of wine is the ultimate luxury—no heavy, awkward bags of ice necessary.

Corkcicle is available online in classic, colored and custom colors starting at $20.

Images courtesy of Corkcicle