Narragansett Autocrat Coffee Milk Stout

Two Ocean State institutions team up for a seasonal, limited brew


Rhode Island is the smallest state in the Union, yet as visitors and locals alike know, it’s not short on culture, heritage or tradition. Two of those traditions are Narragansett Beer and the state’s official beverage (yes, states have official beverages) coffee milk—often made with Autocrat coffee syrup. With roots in the Italian immigrant community in the state capital of Providence, coffee milk is similar to chocolate milk, in which a sweetened coffee concentrate or syrup is added to unflavored milk. This week marks the release of Narragansett Autocrat Coffee Milk Stout, the culmination of two Rhode Island institutions—each in business for over 115 years. The sweet chocolate and smoky espresso-like notes of the coffee are countered by the bitterness of Narragansett’s full-bodied stout, making for a brew that’s balanced and complex yet drinkable. A perfect mid (or early) week brew in the midst of the slowly dropping temperatures of fall.

Narragansett’s Autocrat Coffee Milk Stout is available now until December 2014 throughout much of the East Coast in both 16 oz tallboy cans and 12 oz bottles starting around $9 per six-pack.

Images by Cool Hunting