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A moody soundscape, dreamy electro-pop, a breathtaking ode to liberation and more new music

Annahstasia: Untamed Recently, LA-based Nigerian American artist Annahstasia released her exquisite “Untamed”—a breathtaking, powerful ode to liberation. She tells Line of Best Fit that the song is about “yearning for the freedom and control over your own space and body. It’s about shedding the weight of perception under modern-day patriarchy and becoming nearly feral.” Combining elements of folk, Latin, blues and more, it’s an enchanting …

Sophie Faith: Pinky Blues

London-based singer-songwriter Sophie Faith shares her five-track EP The Right Side of Wrong, and from it comes the smooth, jazzy “Pinky Blues.” Across a warm bass track, unhurried, blues-leaning percussion and intermittent guitar riffs, Faith’s soulful, silky vocal runs tackle self-preservation within relationships with palpable, candid emotion.

Mavis Staples + Levon Helm: You Got To Move

In 2011, musician Levon Helm (perhaps best known as a vocalist and drummer for The Band) invited legendary recording artist Mavis Staples to his Woodstock studio to record a series of sessions. They would become some one of Helm’s last, as he passed away due to throat cancer in 2012. From these sessions—which will be released by Anti as an album titled Carry Me Home …