BOSEbuild Speaker Cube

Designed with kids in mind, the BOSEbuild speaker cube kit is entertaining and educational. The set comes with everything needed to assemble a speaker cube—from panels to coils and more. For children aged eight or older, it’s an experience on how music makes its way through wires and out to our ears (and it’s ultimately delivered through a speaker with Bose-quality sound).

Sleep Through Anything with the New Bose Sleepbuds

Two years ago, Hush created noise-canceling earbuds that could silence all types of sounds that disturb sleepers. With the help of a crowdfunded campaign on Indiegogo—reaching around $500,000—BOSE acquired the brand and its technology. The Sleepbud was born. Their primary function is blocking out those unwanted nighttime sounds, but they also pair with the Bose Sleep app and its accompanying alarms. A full recharge comes …

SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker

The Bose SoundLink Bluetooth speaker packs a serious punch of sound into a small, portable device. Connecting wirelessly to a smartphone or tablet, this lightweight speaker is ideal for those who like to jam out when they’re on the go, and the 8-hour battery life and USB-based recharge make it easy to keep on grooving.