Bose Computer MusicMonitor


by Laurice Parkin

Great sound is meant to be heard rather than seen, but with Bose's newest entry into the desktop soundscape—the Computer MusicMonitor, both your eyes and ears will be equally pleased.

We have always been impressed with Bose's ability to bring out rich and balanced sound from small speakers . Now, with the MusicMonitors, Bose has set a new standard for miniaturization completely eschewing traditional three-piece systems with unwieldy, unattractive subwoofers thought to be needed for optimal output. For audiophiles, the big sound and big bass is possible because of dual internal opposing passive radiators and thin but powerful neodymium transducers that have 10 times the magnetic energy density of conventional speaker magnets. And, the switching amplifier is smaller, lighter and 50% more efficient than traditional linear amplifiers. For the rest of us, such aural jargon is translated as simply rockin' sound housed in a sleek and elegantly molded solid aluminum case. Each speaker measures a little over 4“ x 2†x 4“.

Although the system is a perfect complement to your laptop, it provides additional audio input for you to connect any other audio source such as your iPod or portable DVD Player. The MusicMonitors will definitely let you enjoy sound in your space, not take up more of it.

The only downside is the $400 price tag, but if you're anything like us, you'll put sound quality well ahead of financial stability. Get a pair directly from Amazon.