Bose SoundTrue Headphones

An unobtrusive cord makes this ultra-comfy, around the ear pair perfect for everyday desk use


We’ve tried countless pairs of headphones over the past 11 years at Cool Hunting, and some have stood out for impeccable audio quality, while others were more packable or comfortable on the ear. Headphones are, for most people, an essential part of daily life and because of that the field is in constant refinement. But sometimes it’s the simplest—and possibly even unintended updates—that make all the difference.

In the case of the recently released Bose SoundTrue around the ear headphones, it’s cord-length. While an ample cord might be a disservice to anyone wearing these in transit, for anyone at a desk, this cord is refreshingly long enough to wrap around a keyboard or tuck out of your way. The 66-inch cord is tangle-free and thin, and after hours behind a computer it remains unobtrusive. Extended cord length isn’t a novel concept, but from the survey we’ve conducted, a long cord is not the standard. This welcomed feature, combined with the exceptionally comfortable, relaxed fit around the ears and remarkable Bose audio technology, allow these to be easily worn all day long. They also have a built-in microphone for seamless Skype calls or FaceTime.

Designed to “withstand everyday use,” the Bose SoundTrue around the ear headphones are conceived as quotidian knock-arounds, and are built so you can conceivably treat them as such. Available in black, white and mint, they sell online for $180.

Photo by Karen Day