Bloom’s Triple-Intake Technology Rethinks The Cannabis Vape Industry

The new Surf vape more closely resembles smoking the plant directly

Though the cannabis industry is saturated with design-centric and thoughtful luxury products, the same cannot be said for the equally competitive vape market. Vapes can provide hard hits that feel like they burn right through your the lungs and sometimes only function for a short while before falling apart entirely. They offer none of the flavors or strain choices that smoking flower directly offers, nor …

Pipe Party Workshop

Pipe Party is LA’s first pipe-making workshop from inclusive ceramic studio POT. Open to all skill levels, the class features step-by-step instructions on making and decorating pipes and all the necessary accomanying instruments. It’s a fun, creative way to celebrate cannabis—with the class being BYOB as well as BYOC.

Holiday Gift Guides 2022: Plant Medicine

From bongs to tinctures and balms, all kinds of presents for cannabis and mushroom enthusiasts

As longtime supporters of plant medicine, we are heartened by an ever-advancing awareness and the mainstreaming of its practice. From the broad adoption of cannabis to breakthroughs in marijuana and psilocybin legalization and milestone research around psychedelics (yes, we are aware that mushrooms are technically fungi and not plants), it’s clear that opportunities for wellness, enlightenment and enjoyment will continue to grow. As a result, there …