Terracotta + Sage Check Planter

Australian designer and horticulturalist Lauren Brown crafts handmade cotton canvas planters using water-based paint and local materials for her eponymous online shop. From it comes the Terracotta + Sage check planter, a playful and functional way to house greenery and cover up unsightly pots. Available in sizes large (25 by 25cm) and small (20 by 20cm), this patterned holder enriches and brightens any space. Price …

Canvas Work Jacket

Cut from 100% cotton twill, this canvas work jacket from Aimé Leon Dore’s newest collection is practical (the two front pockets are deep and sturdy) but still stylish—with details that shine. From the monogrammed embroidery to the custom logo snaps and zipper, the finer construction components complement the coat’s washed-blue hue nicely.

Brooklyn’s Quiet Town Home

Organic canvas shower curtains and other homewares inspired by the outdoors

As we watch the continued sprawl of design’s influence upon every element of our home, the value of a brand like Quiet Town becomes more apparent. How often does one think about the humble shower curtain? Or, perhaps, how frequently does one have to? Unless you design them, as the team at Quiet Home does, it’s not that often. Brands like Quiet Town, that tackle …