Brixton’s ReStitched Collection

Salvaged materials from canvas mail bags to indigo kimonos are given a new life as handmade premium hats


As the cliche goes: when life gives you lemons you make lemonade. Alternately, when you find a great vintage piece that doesn’t fit, Oceanside, California-based Brixton will make a hat for you. With their new “ReStitched” collection, the brand scoured premium vintage pieces from indigo kimonos to leather flight jackets. Inspired by a love of all things worn and weathered, the limited line embodies a healthy mix of past and present influences.


“ReStitched started as a creative project and a way for our design team to experiment with different resources and design methods,” says Brixton designer Mike Upton. “The idea was inspired by our love for worn-in, vintage clothing and hats. Early in the process we spoke with some friends at Seasoned USA about producing a few of these styles. At that point we realized this could evolve into something bigger, which was very exciting.” Spanning newboy caps from the ’20s to battered wide brim fedoras that look equally at home in the Oregon Trail days as they do at Coachella, the collection takes risks with coloring and texture.


While working with salvaged materials presented unprecedented creative options, it isn’t without challenges. “It was hard when our team would find a unique piece to repurpose, especially one that we really loved, because it’s a very limited amount of material to work with,” Upton tells CH. “For example we would have one vintage army bag, but there would only be enough material to make two or three hats from it.” Though the limited nature of the materials presents challenges for production, it also means each piece is one of a kind.

Check out the full collection of Brixton ReStitched where hats start at $110. All hats in the line are all one-offs and produced in very limited quantities.

Images courtesy of Brixton