New Handmade Hedley and Bennett Aprons

Vibrant pieces crafted from American canvas, raw Japanese selvage denim and European linens


When thinking of aprons, two iterations often come to mind: plain, white standard culinary workwear and kitschy “kiss-the-cook” styles. It was this observation, coupled with years of Michelin-starred kitchen experience and a desire for better options that led Ellen Bennett to begin designing aprons with tasteful personality. Thus, Hedley and Bennett was born. Although exciting colors visually define the brand, there’s also more than an eye on quality. The materials utilized, from Italian chambray and Japanese selvage denim, were handpicked from across the globe. And all of the aprons are then handmade in Los Angeles—and their latest line truly stands out like never before. Thoughtful flourishes like reinforced pockets and an adjustable brass strap only sweeten each creation.


Beyond culinary aprons (from traditional cross-back offerings to mini, bistro styles), Hedley and Bennett also produces aprons for bartenders, barbers and more—something that expands as the brand continues to explore. And for people seeking unique uniformity, the brand makes custom aprons—so long as the quantity is more than 25. Custom aprons are now developed with the buyer, and can incorporate everything from screen-printing and embroidery to full-on custom designs. If the plentiful color options on their standard offerings are any indicator, there’s really no limit to what can be done with a custom apron.

Hedley and Bennett aprons are available online, and prices range from $80 to $105.

Images courtesy of Hedley and Bennett