Brooklyn’s Quiet Town Home

Organic canvas shower curtains and other homewares inspired by the outdoors

As we watch the continued sprawl of design’s influence upon every element of our home, the value of a brand like Quiet Town becomes more apparent. How often does one think about the humble shower curtain? Or, perhaps, how frequently does one have to? Unless you design them, as the team at Quiet Home does, it’s not that often. Brands like Quiet Town, that tackle these niche areas that do lend visual impact on our surroundings, sort of ease our modern-day tendency to finesse all details.

Inspired by the sensations of showering outdoors and crafted in Brooklyn (but dyed in LA), Quiet Town’s shower curtains make for a reliable, eco-conscious and beautiful option. The brand sources their own raw materials (including 100% GOTS-certified organic 10 oz cotton) before joining forces with sustainable production partners. They also make shower hooks and bath mats: designed in Brooklyn but produced at a transparent artisan studio in India. Both founders make clear that motivation stemmed from the fact that there are so many home necessities out there that just aren’t up to par. And in launching their own company, it seems that they’re remedying that for everyone’s bathrooms.

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Images courtesy of Quiet Town