AuthaGraph World Map Corrects Perceptions

No map is perfect but those behind AuthaGraph have offered an alternative that addresses size perception. By laying the spherical world out on 96 triangles, which are then transferred to a triangular pyramid, they have been able to depict continents (and countries) in more accurate sizes with regard to one another. When unfolded, this pyramid can either lay flat in rectangular form or be folded …

The Forgotten History of Women Mapmakers

Women are often overlooked in cartography when, in fact, they’ve contributed to the field just as much as any man has. Uncovering the history of women mapmakers, the Atlantic delves into the past 300 years of North American cartography and the women that introduced new coastlines to the masses. From Mary Ann Roque to the Haussard sisters, discover the forgotten history of female mapmakers.

Future Mapping Company Berlin

A detail-rich take on the modern map that is equal parts informative and decorative

Though maps began as utility-minded reference tools, they’ve always had artistic elements. From elaborate compass roses and sea monsters that lurk near remote coastlines to carefully selected color palettes, the aesthetics of maps sometimes even trump accuracy. We’ve been following Future Mapping Company since the East London outfit’s early days and are continually impressed by their ability to pack information beautifully into an expertly executed …