Future Mapping Company Berlin

A detail-rich take on the modern map that is equal parts informative and decorative

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Though maps began as utility-minded reference tools, they’ve always had artistic elements. From elaborate compass roses and sea monsters that lurk near remote coastlines to carefully selected color palettes, the aesthetics of maps sometimes even trump accuracy. We’ve been following Future Mapping Company since the East London outfit’s early days and are continually impressed by their ability to pack information beautifully into an expertly executed lithographic print. Their latest offering is a detailed map of Berlin complete with bike routes, points of interest, public transportation, parks and more than a few street names that sound comically long to a non-German speaker.


As one of the world’s most creative, vibrant cities—complete with over 180 museums, multiple UNESCO world heritage sites, sprawling urban parks, a rich cycling infrastructure and some of the most famous night clubs in the world—Berlin seems like a natural addition to the Future Mapping Company’s line-up. Founder Marcus Kirby tells CH the decision had as much to do with the city’s love of his world maps and other city maps. “Why Berlin?” Kirby says, “The love for our maps from that city had grown to a point that it would have been rude not to.” Using high-quality, silk-coated paper, metallic inks and a lithographic printing process, the result is a high-contrast and beautifully modern take on the city map.

Measuring in at 51” by 39”, the Berlin City Map is available in two colorways and starts at $54.

Images courtesy of Future Mapping Company