Good Day Tincture

Providing a sense of calm clarity, Prismatic Plants’ Good Day tincture combines adaptogens with cannabidiol to combat stress and anxiety. Eucalyptol improves brain function and alertness, while various other essential oils and terpenes provide benefits from improved focus to elevated moods. Prismatic Plants also donates proceeds to various initiatives including The Hood Incubator, Women’s Voices and the Weil Foundation.

Dissecting the Profiles of oHHo’s Three Full Spectrum CBD Oils

The brand's co-founder explains advancements in production methods, flavor profiles and dosage levels

In the gold rush around CBD, products are plentiful but facts can be scarce. Two components of radical transparency set New York-based oHHo apart. First, the brand employs the cleanest components available (using only hemp extract and MCT oil), unlike peers that continue to ramp up to industrial levels. Second, they craft three full-spectrum CBD tinctures that each utilize extract from one specific growing region …

Dream Nighttime CBD Gummies

Each of Colorado-based Mandara’s Dream CBD gummies boasts 30mg of oil extracted from refined, THC-free hemp plants. Though full-spectrum oils offer a suite of benefits, CBD isolate (as it appears here) works with 3mg of melatonin in each gummy to help users fall asleep—and stay asleep. Third-party tested, Farm Bill compliant, and grown without the use of pesticides or GMOs, Mandara’s source hemp proves to …