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Holiday Gift Guides 2019: Cannabis Connection

High-design present ideas pertaining to a culture in constant flux

As each year passes, we are able to bask in the benefits of substantial cannabis culture breakthroughs—be that advancements in marijuana legalization or an industry expanding thanks to innovation and good intentions. There are still undeniable political and racial complications, and enthusiasts should champion legal and social justice reform as much as acceptance moving forward. But through it all, with the help of science, a new generation of individuals can address chronic pain, anxiety and so much more with the help of cannabis—as well as enjoying it recreationally. Whether it’s with pipes and rolling papers or books and bags, our Cannabis Connection gift guide approaches the culture through a design lens. There are plenty of beautiful and functional items to be found, for the dabblers and the devout. And for anyone looking for a broader selection of products, our entire BUY guide is updated daily.

Hero image courtesy of Sundae School


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