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Will Hemp Farming’s Legalization Change Society Beyond Agriculture

Thanks to an amendment to the 2018 Farm Bill, already passed by the House and Senate, industrial hemp will be legal to farm in the US once again. From tobacco-producing states seeking a profitable replacement crop to the CBD boom, the demand for this legalization has been huge. In fact, as Leafly points out, “the hemp-derived CBD market is already growing far faster than the legal weed market.” Aside from turning into a cash cow, and potentially reducing agricultural downturns, the results of a hemp boom can be anything from replacing plastics to increased food, clothing and fuel production. To clarify the relationship between hemp and marijuana—which is not yet legalized at a federal level, Cannabis sativa is now considered industrial hemp if it contains less than 0.3% THC (the psychoactive cannabinoid) on a dry weight basis. Leafly outlines how this can be the case but only time will tell the true impact.

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