Disco’s Revenge: House Music

What legendary DJ Frankie Knuckles called “Disco’s Revenge,” house music gathered steam months after Chicago’s “Disco Demolition” in 1979—in which 55,000 fans attended a White Sox baseball game in order to destroy disco records beforehand. They rushed the field, shattered their records, and newspapers proclaimed the death of the genre. The early ’80s, though, saw a rise in house music, which Vox explains was essentially …

Word of Mouth: Wrigleyville, Chicago

Fresh fare, sophisticated hotels and more in the iconic baseball neighborhood

Chicago‘s Wrigleyville, home to the iconic ivy-colored Wrigley Field, is a haven for baseball fans—with plenty of sports bars and BBQ spots. Yet more and more, the area is expanding beyond its classic Americana reputation. Sophisticated hotels, albeit with a nod to baseball’s impact, have opened with more kinds of travelers in mind. From boutique markets to restaurants focusing on fresh and seasonal fare, this …

Whitney: Giving Up

Off the band’s forthcoming sophomore album, Forever Turned Around (out 30 August from Secretly Canadian), Whitney’s new track “Giving Up” is a subtle, joyful continuation of the group’s sonic signature—delicate falsettos from the band’s lead singer, Julien Ehrlich, included. From the suite of horns to the bluesy guitars, this will certainly please longtime fans and newcomers alike.