Vegan Rob’s Healthy Snacks

Super-tasty veggie puffs, popcorn and chips that don't hold back on flavor

When cravings for chips, popcorn and crunchy things can’t be met with a piece of fruit or some nuts, it’s best to stick to the healthiest and most flavorful options. Rob’s snacks (made up of Vegan Rob’s and Crunchy Rob’s) are no old-fashioned treats: the nibbles—from popcorn to potato chips and veggie puffs—are flavorful and even if you find yourself chomping down an entire bag of them, you won’t feel sick or guilty. This is all part of founder Robert Ehrlich’s mission: to make snacks that are as healthy as they are tasty. (No neon orange “cheese” flavor here.)

While there are plenty of flavors and options (Brazilian coconut popcorn, cranberry chia crisps) we found a few favorites among the wide range. Top of the list, health- and flavor-wise, are the cauliflower puffs. These treats are light, crunchy and subtly flavored, but still pack a savory punch. Best of all, they are gluten-free, non-GMO, Kosher and have zero trans fats or cholesterol—which is hard to believe when munching on them. Also worth trying are the porcini potato chips, which offer all the above benefits, as well as vitamin C and a little protein. The ingredients are minimal and basic: potatoes, sunflower oil, porcini mushroom powder and sea salt. The results are tasty, but not overwhelmingly rich or filling. The spinach and matcha kettle chips offer a satisfying crunch, nice flavor and a dose of antioxidents.

All Rob’s snacks are available for purchase online.

Images by Cool Hunting