Sriracha Popcorn

One of the many new ways to indulge the cult hot chili sauce

Huy Fong Food’s original—and unabashedly copied—Sriracha hot chili sauce has forever altered the tastebuds of people all over the world, found on bowls of fried rice and avocado kale salads alike. We’ve been overjoyed to find out that the cult hot sauce (made in the USA from red jalapeño chili peppers) can now be consumed in other ways beyond its classic sauce form.

Through a partnership with Seattle’s Pop! Gourmet, Sriracha’s spicy garlicky goodness has now become a fierce seasoning for their gourmet popcorn and potato chips. We spotted a bag of the Sriracha popcorn in a local store, which is quickly being devoured as we type, as the heated kick is addictive as it is powerful. The three-dimensional flavors will have you saying forever goodbye to plain ol’ buttered popcorn.

Huy Fong Food’s cleverly named webshop the Rooster Room offers an expanded Sriracha snack line including ketchup, jerky, potato chips, sunflower seeds and powdered spice—and the most expensive item tops off at $4.50. (Pop! Gourmet’s website hints at hummus, mayonnaise and crouton versions coming soon.) Consider the possibilities with the powder alone: from cocktail garnish (Sriracha-rimmed michelada, anyone?) to deviled egg topping or chocolate dessert game changer. Super fans should also check out the inflatable and plush versions of the iconic bottle at the Rooster Room.

Images by Josh Rubin