Spring Cleaning for the Body and Mind

Six items that help purge bad habits and encourage wellbeing

“Spring cleaning” goes further than vacuum storage, packing away winter clothes, dropping off boxes at Goodwill and half-hearted dusting. The transition between seasons is a particularly ripe time for re-evaluating things beyond your closet space—like unhealthy lifestyle and diet habits. With this in mind, our round-up offers a few different ways to change up your daily routine, taking the baby-steps toward living more consciously in …

Nightcap Decaf

The friendly team behind Seattle’s Slate Coffee are dedicated to “the elevation of coffee culture.” Their methodical and minimalist approach allows the carefully selected beans to really shine. A bag of their decaf beans let’s you enjoy all of the roast’s immense flavor right before bed.

Green & Spring

Natural bodycare products hand-blended in the UK

UK-based skin, body and haircare line Green & Spring employs a simple philosophy for their packaging design: let the ingredients speak for themselves. Listed in full on the front of the bottles and containers alongside lovely illustrations of pastel-hued birds, the natural herbal and plant extracts that make up each product mark the central focus of the brand. The clear outline of components—which include lavender, …