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Ursa Major

Vermont-made natural skincare for men

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Made among the Green Mountains of Vermont, Ursa Major skin care launched in late 2010 to provide men with a healthy and effective alternative to chemical-laden products. By favoring organic over synthetic, Ursa Major promotes a “super natural” regimen of face wash, toner and shaving cream, and a newly created fortifying face balm to be released in the coming weeks.

Each product in the line blends a variety of essential oils ranging from aloe, lemon and carrot to bamboo and cedar that come together with a pleasant, mild fragrance. We were keen to give the new Fortifying Face Balm a try—after using it we found the lightweight, non-greasy balm absorbs quickly leaving nothing but a refreshing and slightly firming feeling. “The vast majority of men’s after-shave lotions/moisturizers out there contain irritating and sometimes unhealthy synthetic chemicals,” says founder Oliver Sweatman. “Fewer than 1% are 100% natural, which we feel is especially important for a leave-on product that ultimately penetrates your skin.” Designed to be the final step in a man’s daily routine, the face balm is full of potent natural actives that actually hydrate and protect skin, fight razor burn and minimize wrinkles. Besides the effectiveness of the product, we like the simple, recyclable packaging emblazoned with the bear constellation for which the brand is named.

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Ursa Major’s Fortifying Face Balm will be available mid-April. Until then it is available for pre-order online for $36 alongside their entire line of men’s skin care products.


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