All-natural cleanliness with 100% chemical-free products for home and pets


Nearly every brand in the cleaning business offers an “eco-friendly” alternative to the harsh chemicals found in conventional disinfectants, but few can make this their main premise and even fewer do it with the discerning standards found at Eco-Me. Robin Kay Levine and Jennifer Mihajlov—childhood friends and the duo behind the line—pack each effective cleaning product with nothing more than food-grade ingredients and essential oils.

The contents are so simple, you could actually make many of the solutions at home. Eco-Me not only understands this, but began by selling DIY kits containing vinegar, baking soda and olive oil. When numerous customers asked for a ready-made product, the Pasadena, CA-based company began packaging the formulas in PET-1 plastic, and soon in PCR (post-consumer recycled) bottles. Both women are as personally passionate about decreasing the amount of toxins polluting the air as they are professionally invested in the business. Sitting on the board of the Natural Products Association, they proudly push for stronger regulations that would require brands like Seventh Generation, Mrs. Meyers and Method to become 100% chemical-free.


Eco-Me’s range of preservative-free products spans toilet-bowl cleaners to dish soap, as well as a line of pet products. We’ve tried out several—including the concentrated laundry soap ($13), foaming hand soap ($5) and all-purpose spray ($6)—and found that they really do stand up to the classic cleaning products found under most sinks. For the denim-obsessed, the detergent cleans without fading jeans, much like a Woolite powder.

The EPA confirms that impurities in the air indoors can be more harmful on your health than those occurring outside, so Eco-Me cleaners are an easy way to eliminate some common pollutants in the home. The full family of products sells online and at most Whole Foods or health stores.