3×1 Denim Solution

The mavens in custom jeans are offering their denim solution for at-home care


Scott Morrison’s SoHo store 3×1 is a denim-lover’s dream, allowing shoppers to create their own pair of bespoke jeans, or customize a limited edition pair from one of their existing patterns. We interviewed Morrison last summer when the store opened and got a first-hand look into the design process and creation of his jeans. There are many opinions about how to care for premium denim—some people chose to never wash them at all, others swear by the freezer method. For customers who are willing to get their jeans wet, 3×1 is now offering 3×1 Denim Solution to ensure the best care possible.


The new solution is the same formula used at the 15 Mercer Street atelier during their ‘Wet x 1′ process. It eliminates the need for dry cleaning and owners’ fear of bleeding the denim’s rich color during normal wash techniques, but 3×1 recognizes it’s just one of several care methods. An 8 oz. bottle of the solution lasts for about 15 washes and is available for purchase online for $20.