Green & Spring

Natural bodycare products hand-blended in the UK


UK-based skin, body and haircare line Green & Spring employs a simple philosophy for their packaging design: let the ingredients speak for themselves. Listed in full on the front of the bottles and containers alongside lovely illustrations of pastel-hued birds, the natural herbal and plant extracts that make up each product mark the central focus of the brand.

The clear outline of components—which include lavender, chamomile, rosemary, rosehip, red clover, elderflower, thyme, geranium, marshmallow, comfrey, dandelion, peppermint, fennel and rose—goes beyond good design, speaking to Green & Spring’s commitment to offering a completely natural option in the market. Founder Jessica Frankopan had started a house line for their hotel in the Cotswolds, Cowley Manor, but was concerned that they were still using some synthetic ingredients, despite being surrounded by the unparalleled natural resources of their surroundings. “The British countryside abounds with naturally efficacious herbs and flowers,” says Frankopan. “It was this inspiration that we began to develop Green & Spring and soon realized it was entirely possible to create products that were active, natural and handmade right here in Britain.”


Maintaining a strict adherence to local, ethically sourced ingredients for the line of hand-blended products has worked. The Light Cleanser and Deep Face Scrub—two typically accurate indicators of the strength of a line, in our team’s opinion—have proven to be both gentle and effective for my sensitive skin when I tried them. The cleanser might need help removing makeup, but unlike other “mild” formulas for dry or sensitive skin, this one leaves my face actually feeling clean without draining moisture. The scrub did its job as well, offering proper exfoliation without being too harsh or causing redness.


Those with varying facial skin needs also have a range of options for toning, moisturizing and anti-aging, while the line goes from top to toe with shampoo and conditioner and body cleansers and creams with revitalizing, relaxing or indulging properties. Perhaps the greatest testament to Green & Spring’s ability to create chemical-free formulas that work is the Antibacterial Hand Gel—using naturally antiseptic properties of rosemary, marjoram, spearmint, seaweed and rowan berry, the gel kills 99% of bacteria.

Visit the Green & Spring website for a list of online, UK and international stockists, and for more information on their commitment to ethical and sustainable brand practices.