Terra Kaffe’s Design-Forward, Super-Automatic Espresso Machine, the TK-01

Pod-free and precise, a high-quality coffee machine for bean enthusiasts

Brooklyn-based company Terra Kaffe aims to make the ritual of home-brewing coffee more accessible and sustainable. The brand’s 23-pound debut machine, the TK-01, is capable of grinding, tamping, extracting, crafting, and even cleaning up after itself. Existing between the high-end manual espresso machine and the most entry-level pod-pouring product, the TK-01 costs $775—more expensive than the latter but far more affordable than the former. Designed …

De’Longhi’s La Specialista is an Affordable Espresso Machine with Impressive Precision

Technological advancements in grinding, temperature control and tamping result in the ideal brew

Traditional pump espresso machines often demand careful attention from their users—the grind, tamping pressure, pour and temperature are at best left to their discretion, or at worst left to chance. De’Longhi‘s newest offering, the La Specialista EC9335.M, leaves just about everything to the machine. It has easy-to-use controls that deliver precise grinds, as well as ideal tamping pressure and temperatures for specific pulls—along with the …

Foster French Press

This luxurious French press, designed by Norman Foster and manufactured by Stelton, is made from stainless steel and has a one liter capacity—enough for three cups of coffee. Made with longevity in mind, this piece is sculpturally elegant and functionally simple. This is a stylish way to start your morning—especially if you’re hosting a couple friends or family members.