De’Longhi’s La Specialista is an Affordable Espresso Machine with Impressive Precision

Technological advancements in grinding, temperature control and tamping result in the ideal brew

Traditional pump espresso machines often demand careful attention from their users—the grind, tamping pressure, pour and temperature are at best left to their discretion, or at worst left to chance. De’Longhi‘s newest offering, the La Specialista EC9335.M, leaves just about everything to the machine. It has easy-to-use controls that deliver precise grinds, as well as ideal tamping pressure and temperatures for specific pulls—along with the ability to remember your preferred order.

A top-mounted grinder holds the beans until needed, starts when the filter holder is locked in below and stops whenever it’s reached your set quantity (a single- or double-dose, as noted on the interface). You can also slightly increase or decrease the amount by using the knob on the lefthand side. Around the corner, on the left exterior, a lever acts as the tamper; it’s pre-gauged to know the exact amount of pressure needed to tamp grounds to the ideal density to allow the hot water to pass through. There’s a knob to choose between espresso, Americano and coffee. To its left, there’s a knob dubbed “My,” which allows users the option of presetting an order and returning to it with just one tap.

The process is powered by active water temperature and pressure control—both of which can be monitored on the front-facing gauge. Two independent heating systems can heat water and milk at the same time, allowing for speedier production. The same heating system powers the machine’s Advanced Latte System, which can produce either flat (hot milk) or foam (frothed milk). Regardless of your preference—whether it be a tiny pour and plenty of foamed milk or the exact opposite—the Specialista can accommodate it.

The real appeal here is the machine’s ease of use and its category-winning price, clearly established to disrupt the market. The La Specialista EC9335.M is available now for $949 and for substantially less on Amazon.

Images courtesy of De’Longhi