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FrankOne Vacuum Technology Coffee-Maker

A welcome innovation in a saturated industry, this machine makes cold brew in minutes

As cold brew flavors and techniques continue to evolve, many drinkers are opting for it over traditionally brewed coffee—regardless of the weather. For those looking to make their own batches of steeped, strong coffee without the bitterness of traditional processes, the prerequisite is usually patience or purchase—somewhere between eight and 20 hours or a couple extra dollars for a quality cup. The FrankOne Coffee Maker simplifies the process of making quality coffee at home—brewing hot or cold brew coffee in just minutes.

FrankOne makes a Golden Cup Standard coffee using patent-pending vacuum technology to filter out the bitterness that exists in the crema. It works thanks to negative pressure which forces water through the grounds—ensuring a strong, smooth coffee. The machine requires no extra purchases, is easy to clean and creates almost no waste (the internal metal filter is good for hundreds of uses).

Designed by Eduardo Umaña and backed by Colombian coffee legend Luis Fernando Vélez (of Amor Perfecto), the maker hasn’t quite reached its goal on Kickstarter, but there’s plenty of time to ensure that you get yours. With a contribution of a minimum $70, you’ll receive the FrankOne (in black or white), the glass carafe, a USB charging cable (that fully charges the device in two hours—on which the machine can make 150 cups) and a handful of accessories for your coffee-making routine.

The FrankOne is currently funding on Kickstarter but only until 12 October.

Images courtesy of Frank de Paula Coffee


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